Thursday, August 30, 2007

Old Rock House Was Rockin'!

Monday night, my friend Mike (otherwise known as mikee and mike3e here on the blogs), my friend Tony, and new friends Mike, Jamarcas, and Dustin (otherwise known as The 3rd Environment) played at the Old Rock House in St. Louis. A beautifully restored historic building near just south of downtown St. Louis, it was the perfect place to hear the guys play and sing their hearts out with kicking covers and soulful originals. I wish there were some way to let you have a listen, as there's just no way to describe their performance... except phenomenal. The band had a great time, and we listeners were given an outstanding treat. Can't wait for their next show!

Tony D on keys, Mike P on bass, Dustin busting out an awesome vibe solo, Jamarcas on drums, and the incredible horn players that joined in at the end of the gig.

In Mike's own words: "Our band name, THE 3RD ENVIRONMENT, is derived from the concept of 'the third place' by sociologist Ray Oldenburg. The third place is not your home (first place), nor your work (second place), but it is a place of your choosing where you can relax, be yourself, and enjoy the company of friends in an atmosphere that suits you."


Owl of the Desert said...

Ooh...I like their reasoning for the title. That's pretty cool.

strem said...

Yes, I do too! Maybe you can come to St. Louis sometime and hear them! :)