Friday, August 17, 2007

And One To Grow On!

If you read Lydia's post on Sweet Fellowship, then you know we were blessed this past weekend with a visit from two of the loveliest ladies in all of the land, Elizabeth and Karla. It was a great time of catching up, laughing, singing, talking about the blessings we share, and more laughing. We spent a good amount of time at a very unique book stand (boxes and boxes and boxes of books) at the mall after meeting for dinner at O'Charley's Friday night. I am so thankful for their friendship with our group of friends, and I've been on a high all week since their visit.
One of the highlights was the official kick-off of my big birthday week on Sunday evening. What birthday is complete without a confetti angelfood cake with confetti drizzle icing (just like Mom always used to make for me), a cookout with scrumptiuos food, beautiful harmonies while singing favorite hymns, even more "beautiful" singing while performing "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" in operatic form (birthday girl's choice), placemats folded into hats, and laughing with fantastic friends until everyone is crying? NONE! That's why our party was full of fun - and then some! Thank you, Corn Family, for your hospitality and the impromptu celebration that really made my week. FUN FUN FUN!
Some of the party goers: Isaac, Chris, Tasha, Bro. Jerry, Lydia, Krista, Elizabeth, and Karla.

Tasha's rueful look on her face is due to her roux becoming stuck, but the cheesey sauce turned out wonderfully!

Here, the delicious (and I mean DELICIOUS!) spread is being put on the table. After dinner, we sang and sang LOUDLY with all of our hearts and voices, but Oreo seemed bored to death.

It's been a pretty fantastic week with all sorts of adventures which I will try to share soon. But, today promises to be an even better day... while reminiscing on the past, taking stock of the present, and looking toward the future. Yes, friends, "I'm hopeful for the future!" :) Despite a few minor setbacks, this past year has been a wonderful one full of God's blessings, and I pray this coming year will be even better. So, I'm celebrating today! (And, even if you're miles away and not with me today, feel free to do a little celebrating on your own. There's so much for which to be thankful.)


lydia said...

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I hope you are enjoying your day, even though you do have to spend it at work. Hopefully we can spice it up a little this evening with our "party."

It was such an enjoyable evening. Great pictures that recap all the events. I especially love the one of Oreo...that's a typical expression from him. Nothing really gets him excited except when it's time for him to eat.

Dani said...

You get a whole Birthday Week?! That sounds so cool!

Siren said...

Happy Birthday Strem!!

strem said...

Thank you, Lydia - for your comment, the flowers, the card, the fun this past week, and the great help on Friday night.

Dani, thank you also! You should try the birthday celebration week, too!

Siren, I remember that you were in my homeroom and/or grade school classes a few years when I would bring birthday treats right at the beginning of the school year or September 17 (one month late) or February 17 (6 month mark) because I was one of those summer birthday people. Of course, Susan was always the youngest... having to wait until November 30 to catch up with all of us.

Sandy-san said...

Man! Where was I? I missed out on ALL the fun! Happy belated birthday, Sister Michelle! (((hugs)))