Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Walk Through The Yard

OK, I can't provide an "after" shot - as promised in yesterday's post, but I can provide you a "before" shot. This is the aforementioned sweet gumball party being held in my yard. Tonight, maybe - just maybe - this pile will be picked up. But, I don't know if I can muster the energy again. Last night, I worked hard and took care of the rascals in the driveway and my neighbor's yard. I was listening to some sermon tapes while doing the yard work, and I'm afraid the work was interrupted - because I was very interested in the sermons and because two kind elders from the Mormon church stopped by to ask me if I would like to complete a survey. I explained that I had completed the survey just a few months before with the elders that lived in town just before them. They didn't realize that our church group is very aware of their presence in town because our dear friend Liz used to live in the apartment right across from where they live. We had a short chat about the apartment on M street, some of the previous elders, some of the basic doctrines, Nauvoo, Carthage, Independence MO, and the PBS special that was aired last night. (I believe it concludes tonight. 4 hours in total.) The gentlemen even asked if they could help me with the sweet gumballs. It was getting dark, and I was exhausted. So, I thanked them for their offer and explained that a group of us from Little Flock hoped to have them over for dinner sometime. With that, we concluded our talk, I stopped the sermon tapes, and I looked forward to enjoying dinner and a rest inside. Thankfully, there are not many sweet gumballs scattered throughout the yard anymore, so the worst of the work is over. But, picking up this pile will still take some energy. (It looks deceivingly small in this photo.) As Tracy stated, I hope I will someday make enough money to afford the luxury of having this tree sprayed every year so this work will not have to be done. Dad has also heard that the Missouri Botanical Gardens does demonstrations on how to insert spikes into just the right places on the roots to greatly reduce sweet gum production. I need to check that out - PRONTO!

As I took the gumball pile picture this morning, I saw 3 beautiful cardinals in my yard. Specifically, on the bush that I call the "snowball bush". I believe that is its proper name. It is part of the lilac family, and its scent is fabulous! Unfortunately, the cardinals would not sit still to allow me to take a picture and flew away each time I got close. So, we'll just have to do with snowball bush bloom pictures instead.

My dogwood and Japanese maple trees really suffered after being tricked into thinking that spring was here... only to have harsh frosh kill the beautiful leaves and buds that had developed. I don't think the coral dogwood will make a comeback this year, but the Japanese maple has begun its spring processes all over again. Fighting, slowly, but surely.

This past Sunday, in addition to the petunias I mentioned, I also planted light pink impatiens in the shade... along with bulbs for purple liatris and various seeds for many purple, pink, yellow and white flowers around the yard. Hopefully, I'll have good results to show off in the coming months.

I loved walking around my yard so early in the morning, but I knew I had to head to work. Thankfully, at the end of the driveway, I have these gorgeous irises to send me off with a smile each day and welcome me home each evening. I can't wait to get back home.


Dani said...

There are so many post that I have missed, that I feel like I've been gone a month instead of just a week.

I do love the pics, and perhaps will have a few interesting ones of my own up soon.

Sandy-san said...

Growing up in Roxana, we had 2 gumball trees in our yard. The trees were beautiful, especially in the fall when the tree would turn to red and lose their leaves. They also, however, lost their gumballs; the blasted gumballs were such a pain to live around.

Your pictures are beautiful!