Friday, May 18, 2007

A TRUE Fish Story

So many fish stories are too good to be true, but this one has a picture to back it up. Here's one of the photos I received today which I knew many of you would want to see: Brother Charles and Sister Edith with a "28 Lb. Buffalo". Their son, Brother Glen, took them out for a day of fishing, and this is what Sister Edith caught. I even received pictures of her reeling it in to prove it. I had no idea she was so good at this! WOW! That's all I can say. WOW!


Elizabeth said...

(too bad some words don't type well onemonpetically)

Whew, that is a big fish!

audreysnanny said...

I have a son and son in law who would be very jealous of the size of that thing. How many meals would it make????

strem said...

Audreysnanny: I hear these are very horrible to eat but very fun to catch. I will have to ask your son and son-in-law about it... as I am sure they know much more about it than I!