Friday, May 04, 2007

Introducing Rian Elisabeth

Little Rian Elisabeth Zimmerman arrived early Wednesday morning - healthy and happy. Big sisters Tressa and Abigail could not wait to greet her with a kiss and big hugs, as they had been waiting for their little sister for SO LONG! (as Tressa explains)

Last night, before I took the girls back home to sleep, the family decided to take a short walk, and I tagged along. With some help from Mama and Daddy, Tressa and Abi pushed Rian around in her cart. We went on a search to find Tressa's footprint - high on the wall outside Tracy's room. And, right around the corner, to my surprise, we found Rian's new footprint right under Abi's!


Elizabeth said...

Is it pronounced Ree-on? It's a pretty name.

strem said...

There has been a lot of speculation about the pronunciation, but it's actually pronounced just like the boy's name Ryan...just a girl's name, Rian. From my understanding, it is the maiden name of the great-grandmother of Daddy Jeff.

Sandy-san said...