Monday, May 21, 2007

See-Saw Signs and Sights

On the way back Sunday afternoon evening, I took an adventure by taking an unfamiliar route home. A route that drives south along the Illinois River. It was just beautiful.... the lush forests, dark dirt, huge fields, fresh produce markets, bait shops, elevated river homes, and quaint villages. The most facinating sight was the river, naturally, and the unique bridges at each crossing. But, I was almost equally fascinated by the deer. I saw over 40 in a 30 mile stretch. At that time, it was almost dusk, so I had to be careful. Unfortunately, every time I backed up to take a picture, they ran away.

But, I thought some of you'd enjoy a few of the other sights I saw.

Don't worry. I had my eyes on the road at all times.

Have any ideas about what this once was?

I always wondered where I could find it! Now, I know!

We must 'be prepared' to use an apostrophe at all times... especially when welcoming others!

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