Friday, May 04, 2007

Friends and Fellowship

I regret that I have failed to post pictures from our 3rd weekend church social for Little Flock. This month, we met in the beautiful home of our newest church members, Paul and Esther Grattendick. And, we had a wonderful time visiting and learning about the many items that Brother Paul and Sister Esther collect. We also learned about their farmhouse which was built by Brother Paul's family and had fun playing with their sweet red-haired dog (which we believe is part Chow.) It was relaxing and a special time with this loving husband and wife who we've come to love so much! A great time in a warm home on a cold, rainy day!

Brother Isaac, Elder Chris, and Brother Dale are teasing each other, as usual. Brother Alan joins in the fun, too.

Sister Elaine and Sister Sandy visit in the kitchen while "Grandma" Mayfield relaxes in the living room.

Brother Paul and Brother Tom enjoy some deep discussion after our snack time.

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