Thursday, May 31, 2007

Reaching the Top

Here is my quilt top, and tonight, our class moves on the to the actual quilting portion of the lessons. I can't wait! Last night, I was up very late trying to put the finishing touches on piecing the quilt squares together. I hope to give you another update next week after I understand more of the process. This may not turn out to be a bad table runner after all!


jsarber said...

If you get this quilting thing down, you could be rich. Amish Acres, here in Nappanee, sells quilts for $800 a piece. Those are machine-made even!

Dani said...

It is beautiful, and you can make a fortune. I've been told my crochet afgans could go for 300 or 400 hundred on line, but quilts go for way more.

I really love the colors together! It's hard to believe it's your first project.