Friday, April 06, 2007

Two Weeks Ago

Two weeks ago, it was hot and sunny, and it was time to go on some adventures. So, I headed off to the "Higher Ground" Sacred Harp Singing in Terre Haute, IN. (Thank you goes out to Charlie, Presley, and Karen for allowing me to tag along and for answering so many of my questions. It was a really fun trip!) It has been wonderful to see shape note singers every few months and get to know them... in addition to making new friends each time. We met at the Campus Ministries building on the campus of Indiana State University, and it was a good day of singing praises! One of the sweetest scenes is when an older Sacred Harp singer takes a younger one under his wing and teaches the younger the traditions. Below, Michelle Cull brings in a chair to allow her daughter to see everyone and teachers her to direct. It's also been a real blessing getting to know the Eldridge family from southern Indiana. We met them back in September at the Illinois convention and have seen them a few times since. Hope to see you again soon, Rebecca, James and Katherine!

The next day, after worship services, I had some fun with these two cuties. First, we rode to the store to pick up some supplies. Abi wanted to get a bag that was twice her size! Then, we visited the Granite City APA. This is the animal shelter where I found Penny, and every so often, I try to volunteer some time to help out or bring some food for the animals. Unfortunately, my camera batteries failed right at the worst time when Abi and Tressa were holding the newest kittens. But, we had fun playing in the two cat rooms, watching the gerbil in its wheel, and visiting the dog kennels. The dogs were LOUD! But, Tressa thought the very calm dalmation was extremely sweet.

We then headed off to the pet store where the shelter was holding an animal adoption drive. Tressa was drawn to the black cat, while Abigail loved the dogs - especially one named Cheerio. Seemed fitting since Abi loves Cheerios so much.

But, I think the hamsters and fish caught their attention more than anything else.

Because it was so warm, it was a perfect day for a stop at Dairy Queen for some ice cream sandwiches. We dashed home to enjoy our treats on the patio, and they made all of us smile. YUM YUM!

Hopefully, we'll have many more fun weekends like this one throughout the summer.


lydia said...

Hopefully more of us will be able to attend the Higher Ground Singing next year. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the day.

The pictures of Tressa and Abi are precious. I especially love the two of them looking at the hamsters. The last picture of Abi is pretty cute too!

Dani said...

Looks like a blessed sort of day. :)