Monday, April 02, 2007

Remembering Brother Jim

This past Saturday, we lost a dear friend, Brother Jim Stubblefield. While Sister Velda and he were home in Nashville, Brother Jim passed away unexpectedly after being rushed to the hospital because of a shortness of breath. After a battle had been fought with leukemia, Brother Jim had been given a clean bill of health several times. But, we were sad to hear that the doctors have determined that the leukemia had a strong and silent return in recent months.

Several times, I have reflected back to last weekend when Brother Jim and I had a talk after church about my parents, my house repairs, and the blooming flowers all around us. I always enjoyed our chats, and it is odd to think about how much has changed in a week. Brother Jim and Sister Velda have told me they feel blessed to have two places that are home to them: back in Nashville and here in the St. Louis area. But, no matter how much we miss him, we rejoice for him... remembering that he is now truly HOME with our Saviour, with no sickness and no pain.

I ask that you please remember his wife, Sister Velda, and all of their family in your prayers. May we remember that time with our church family members is a precious, precious gift.


Elizabeth said...

I often fail to remember how frail life is, and sometimes, before you have gained enough wisdom to appreciate someone, they're gone. But as you said, though we can't spend time here with those who've gone on, I wouldn't wish them back. Can you imagine heaven, being with Jesus - for all eternity - and seeing more of His glory with every passing moment...that is our REAL home! (Isn't it amazing!)

Chris said...

Strem - I appreciated your remarks about Brother Jim very much. I was thankful to be able to attend his funeral, and felt it a great privilege to speak of this great man during the memorial.

As Elder Lawrence said of him, the best word to describe him was "contentment." He certainly was happy to live a simple life of service to God and his family, to work diligently in both endeavors.

I miss him so much already. He was a person I was always drawn to, a kind spirit that I will never forget. I only wish that I, and all members of the body of Christ could live such an exemplary life of 'godliness with contentment.'