Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Getting Serious

Late last night after returning from our Sacred Harp gathering, I ventured upstairs to my little library to look once more to see if I could find a book that captured my attention. There were several that I wanted to pull so that I could share them with friends. I also wanted to return a particular book back to the shelf. Not because I wasn't interested. I was. I AM. But, I had just read it for the 3rd time in six months. (It intrigues me that much, and it has also taken a while for some of the info to stick.) I now need the information to just settle and stew for a bit.

This book is "Getting Serious about Getting Married: Rethinking the Gift of Singleness" by Debbie Maken. Some of you will remember that I wrote a post about the topic this past fall. Some of the points it posed caused some discussion on the blog and much deeper discussions over email, during long car rides, and even through wedding reception meals, if you can believe it. The ideas are "old hat" to some and extremely controversial to others - especially men - because the author identifies churches (and older men) for being at fault in not doing what previous generations did in preparing younger men for marriage. It scolds men for putting off marriage. It scolds well-meaning church members for the illogical, unbiblical comments that are made to singles longing for marriage. It scolds the ministry for what is preached from the pulpits on the subject.

The book cannot be summarized adequately by me, here, and now. (Besides, the info is settling and stewing once again, remember?) But, for the many who joined in the conversations in the fall but have not yet read the book, I thought I would direct you to a Canon Press question/answer session with author, Debbie Maken. (Please note additional questions are posted and answered below the on-line interview.) Understand, this cannot cover all of the principles within the book, but this reveals a glimpse of the author's thoughts on some of the main topics. I think the comments left on the amazon.com link (book title above) would also be interesting to most of you. I believe it accurately shows the strengths, shortcomings, and views of the author - along with those of the reviewers. (It should be easy to spot which readers with whom you might best relate.)

I feel it is important that I state this once again: I do not agree with all of the author's points, but I do agree with many of them. And, I'm still figuring out others. But, at the very least, her thoughts get me thinking and motivated me to get grounded in The Word. And, that's wonderful!


Anonymous said...

strem: I think I remeber the blog from last year on this. After reading the question and answers from the author I am kinda of wanting to read this book. but also am not sure if I will agree with alot of the points, but I may also. So I think I will put this on my list to read. ALAN

Sandy-san said...

Very interesting.

Being married for 5 years and then being single for 16 years now has given me a lot of perspective.

I think there are good reasons to get married early (one is being young and strong enough to take care of any upcoming children). Many things get harder to juggle as you get older.

But like anything else, being married is not for everyone. It's hard work. I think, of course, marriage is a far better course of action to remaining sexually pure.

Like the gift of marriage, I think the gift of singleness is good.