Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring Has Sprung!

The weather last week was wonderful. I was allowed a small bit of free time to enjoy the blessing, but I was hoping for much more outdoor time in the 70 degree weather. After a large rainstorm, I ventured out into the big back yard as I was hoping to see my usual first signs of spring. And, there they were. The golden daffodils. A little muddy, yes. But, fighting to stand up straight and tall.

I then took inventory around the yard, and the bushes and trees were exhibiting little shoots of yellow, pink, peach, red, purple, white and green. Forsythia, azalea, bridal wreath, wild rose, dogwood, snowball bush... I'm most excited to see how this lilac bush will develop in the upcoming weeks.

After a drop in temperature and a shock to the system (after becoming so enamored with the warm weather), I was happy to hear that it is expected to be at least 70 degrees again today and that will allow me to spend some time in the yard. But, with spring also comes hard work. Challenges. Twisted ankles after tripping over the bane of my annual early spring existence: Sweet Gum Balls.

This is a small glimpse of the work I have ahead of me. (And, there are still many more up in the tree, besides what is in my neighbors' yards, my flower beds, my driveway, bushes, and the rest of my yard.) My rake and I will become extremely close friends this week.


Elizabeth said...

The daffodils down here bloomed a few weeks ago and are mostly gone now. Currently the bradford pears are in full bloom (and full stink - but they are nice from a distance)
I hope the weather is as lovely up there as it is here!

Dani said...

your yard looks about like ours did, but after a day of five of us with rakes, the acre or so lot, is de-sweet-gumball-ified.

Wonder why they are called sweet, nothing of the sort to them.

strem said...

I thought you'd find this article interesting... in how the sweet gumball is aiding in the fight against avian flu. :)

Dani said...

So does this mean you are going to box up your sweet gumballs to send to Asia?


Good to know they aren't completely worthless and only annoying.

Sandy-san said...

I have major spring fever! I spent a good deal of time yesterday and this morning out on my porch watching the birds and squirrels (one of my favorite past times!)

The birds are fussing with the squirrels to get out of the knots in my tree out front. It's so funny!

Growing up, we had 2 sweet gum trees in our front yard. Those sweet gum balls were very irritating. I noticed last year that the owners finally cut them down. Shame, really... they were beautiful when in full bloom.

Siren said...

Wow - this certainly makes it clear how much farther south you live! I was elated this weekend to find the first hints of buds on the lilacs I planted last fall. Can't wait for their first bloom!