Thursday, March 01, 2007

Amazing Grace, The Movie

After enjoying a delicious lunch at Jeff and Tracy's on Saturday afternoon, Dad and I started our adventures by heading to the St. Louis Mills Mall, right by my workplace. We were heading there to see the film that had just opened the night before, Amazing Grace. The film focuses on the life of Parliament member William Wilberforce who made it his life's work to abolish slave trading in England. I had many "favorite parts", but the portion that keeps sticking with me is the second time we see John Newton in the film. As you surely know, John Newton penned the words to the hymn Amazing Grace. He was also the pastor of the church Mr. Wilberforce attended in his youth. By the second time we see Mr. Newton, Mr. Wilberforce is in great need of encouragement and Mr. Newton's physical health had greatly declined. But, despite the trials - even blindness, John Newton provides spiritual encouragement so that William Wilberforce may fight on. To the contrary of his physical condition, John Newton explains that he was blind while participating so long in the slave trade industry but he has been blessed by God to clearly see - both the evil of what he has done and now what he must do.

The film is based on actual events but, of course, is supplemented with dramatic dialogue. It probably won't win an Oscar. But, Dad and I enjoyed it very, very much. In fact, when I clapped at the end of the movie, others joined me. (That is not always the case.)

If you have the opportunity to find a break to catch a movie at the theatre and you enjoy movies about historical events, I encourage you to see this one. Rated PG, it would a be a good movie to see with older children who understand the concepts. It is a rare situation where one can go to the movies these days and not worry about what will be said or shown. While the tragic details are provided in how slaves are transported across the sea, the movie is a good history lesson, suitable for all.

If the parents of young children came to you and explained they were wanting to start a "movie library" full of suitable movies for their children and family - now and in future years, are there movies you would suggest as "must haves?"


lydia said...

I also enjoyed the movie very much. I was listening to Focus on the Family this evening, and "Amazing Grace" won a "Docscer" by Mr. Dobson. Among others receiving good reviews by Mr. Dobson were "Facing the Giants," "Night at the Museum" and "The Queen."

To address your question, I would highly recommend "Anne of Green Gables" and the "Love Comes Softly" series.

Elizabeth said...

I hope to see Amazing Grace sometime - but I can't tell when.

Lydia, those movies are great additions.

These may be hard to find, but are thoroughly enjoyable (if you don't NEED action and violence) : Little Lord Funtlaroy, The Little Kidnappers, The Sound of Music (not so hard to find)...those are some of the best off the top of my head.

Sandy-san said...

I rarely see movies anymore, but I do want to see this one! Thanks for the review!