Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Old MacDonald Had a Farm

As mentioned in yesterday's post, Lydia, Tasha and I had a fine old time driving to and from the Sacred Harp convention on Saturday. We really enjoyed the old houses - even the rundown ones - and especially the farm animals.

We were stopping (safely) alongside the road and parking at the end of lanes to see close-up views of the animals. I really miss the country, and I especially enjoyed looking in on one pen. I wish I had some of these particular animals in my back yard, but I don't think the city government will allow me. Anyone want to take a guess at what this animal might be? (Some of you have seen me admire these animals before - especially on long church trips in TX.)

Feel free to weigh in with a comment. I'll try to post a picture or two tomorrow afternoon which will reveal the answer. If I were to start a farm, these would be the first addition to my current collection of two cats and innumerable dust bunnies.

Do you have a favorite farm animal you'd like to add to your imaginary (or real) farm?


Elizabeth said...

I would like one dairy cow - or llamas, those are pretty cool. Someone in Conyers owns a flock of llamas right off a major highway. A couple of years ago they were breeding and the baby llamas were so cute!

ShowJumper said...

Bet ya can't guess mine..........lol.

strem said...
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strem said...

I keep making comments about liking certain animals... and I should just stop. I just love animals in general, I guess. But, Elizabeth, you mentioned llamas... and I really like those too... and the similar alpacas. There used to be a huge farm - with both - right by the place I lived in Indianapolis, and I'd drive out to see them on the weekends. I miss doing that.