Thursday, March 15, 2007

Not By The Hair of My Chinny- Chin- Chilla

Everyone seems to laugh when I say I'd like to have a chinchilla. Not on a coat. But in my hand. Or, in a cage in my house. Or, sitting on my lap. Have you seen anything as cute as this? Maybe you have. And, maybe you're not so keen on mice and rats and rodents... and maybe this reminds you of a rodent. But, it doesn't do that for me. I just reminds me of cute. And, soft.

Here are some stats that I've discovered about these creatures:
* Each chinchilla follicle produces more than fifty hairs, while human follicles usually produce only one.
* Chinchilla do not attract skin parasites (such as cats and dogs do with fleas) because the parasites will suffocate in their fur.
* Chinchillas are the land mammal with the highest density in fur, with over 20,000 hairs per square centimeter.
* Chinchillas can jump 5 feet over their own height.
* Chinchillas don't sweat.
* Chinchillas have a wide variety of coloring.
* Chinchillas "bathe" in dust or ash to remove the moisture that collects in their thick fur.
* Chinchillas can hear a wide range of pitches, very close to a human's hearing.
* Chinchillas can be taught simple tricks by using voice commands.

Have you ever felt a chinchilla? It is the softest thing I have have ever touched. Would you ever consider having one of these, or is this not your type of pet? If you're liking these at all, you should check out this photo page of chinchillas & friends. With two cats who would just love one of these as a "playmate", I won't be able to add chinchillas to my farm anytime soon.


Dani said...

I never would have guessed that they could come in so many colors. Wow.

They remind me of something between a rabbit and a geane pig. (sorry I can't figure out how to spell it). I have always wanted a rabbit and when I was younger we had a few of the other.

ShowJumper said...

I loved the facts!! I have never touched a Chinchilla before, but I love them.I like geanie(sp?) pigs, I used to have a hamster, now I want a with the collection of pets we already have, I don't think it would be possible!

Amazing, I never knew they could come in so many colors!

Siren said...

I saw my fair share of them when I worked at the vet's office. Softest critters ever!! I just loved 'em. But pocket pets aren't my thing, I like something more substantial (hence the adoption of a 90 pound puppy). : )

Elizabeth said...

What an interesting little animal. I have never seen one up close, and I don't think I would really want one, but they are fascinating. Chinchilla's are kind of like a hybrid animal between a rabit and a rat (or guinea pig); it's like when we are introduced to something new, we have to assign it characteristics of things we know. Take a mango for example : it's like a carrot peach.

(Talk about tangent! sorry)

lydia said...

A carrot peach? Elizabeth dear, I do believe that is a little bit of a tangent!

Sandy-san said...

Uh, the above picture looks like a rabbit. These look like rats! *eyes darting around* *confused* *jumping on a chair*