Thursday, March 01, 2007

Boldly Unto The Throne of Grace

There are many in need at this time, and I would appreciate it if you would keep these individuals in your thoughts and prayers:

* Jimmy Zimmerman, brother of Brother Jeff, who has been battling cancer. Was admitted into the hospital this week in an attempt to lessen his pain, run even more tests on his brain tumors, seek out a new treatments for tumors on his torso, and understand his recent rapid decline in certain abilities. Please remember Jimmy, his parents, his brothers and their families, and the doctors - that all may stay encouraged during this fight.

* My grandfather, Sheldon Stremmel, who was admitted to the hospital Tuesday evening. He became dramatically weaker in recent weeks, and doctors discovered his problems were due to large gall stones and an infection. Grandpa is 99 (will be 100 in August), and the doctors worried what the necessary surgery would do to his condition. We are thankful that Grandpa is now recuperating but still extremely weak. And, the doctors also fear that his liver may be failing. Tests results are to be returned soon. Please remember Grandpa, Uncle Roger (who cares for him daily), Dad, Aunt Norma, Uncle Dick, Aunt Frances (Grandpa's sister), and all of our family, in addition to the doctors.

* The family of Walter "Wally" Wolff. Wally is my cousin's step-father and a loving, Christian man who has been an extra uncle to Aaron, Ketra, and me. Wally passed away after preparing for bed Monday evening. Please remember our "Aunt Phyllis", our cousins, their families, Wally's children, and their families during this time of missing Wally. While their sorrow is great, they know Wally is having a wonderful time in heaven praising his Father face to face.

Last night, we did not hold our usual worship services. Instead, we took a great deal of time making requests for prayer. It seems it is a trying time for many of us, surrounded by family and friends who have experienced a loss or who are in much physical and emotional pain. What a wonderful gift it is to be able to share these concerns with our loving brothers and sisters as we had a special time of prayer with each other. What an even more awesome gift it is that we can speak directly to our Saviour through prayer!

While the day seemed dim, we also know how much we have to be thankful for. Blessings to our left and right. In family. In friends. In jobs. In our country. In our safety. In our relationship with God. Even in the weather. Spring seems like it has arrived just overnight, bringing rain, then sunshine and warm temperatures to us here in St. Louis area. It brings thoughts of new beginnings, especially as so many friends are preparing for a new beginning in their own lives after God so providentially brought each couple together this past year. So, we also ask that you please remember George and Liz, and Asa and Karla this weekend... and Luke and Morgan in two weeks... and Dani and Gary in July. We pray these couples are not only blessed with a wonderful celebration on their special wedding days but, more importantly, are blessed in their lives together long after the ceremony. We pray they will be surrounded by love, encouragement, and support. We pray they will be role models for those following them in marriage. We pray their households will serve the Lord and God will be the center of their union.

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Dani said...

I will continue to keep these in my prayers!