Tuesday, February 06, 2007

So Sew Much Fun

In the late 1990's, our church was blessed to purchase new pews for our meeting place, and a dark navy and light blue woven material was selected for the seats. We have been very thankful to have these pews in our church building.

Several of the ladies have contributed ideas over the years to help with the decor, and this past fall, we took a step forward in our plan to update the pillows. After a couple of older visiting members requested blankets during our November meeting, we thought we could also make a few lap blankets that would match. So, I headed to the store to purchase some country blue corduroy, navy corduroy, and some fuzzy navy material for the blankets. (We still don't know exactly what that "home decor" material is made of, but it sure is soft!)

After postponements last month, a few of us gathered together to sew the pillows and lap blankets Friday night. I learned a lot, we had a wonderful time visiting, and I especially appreciated the extra time with Sister Barb as we worked. It was a long, long night of cutting, sewing, stuffing, and hand stitching, but the time together and the results were well worth the effort.

I started off the night on the sewing machine while sewing the light blue pillows.

Sister Barb continued the line with Sister Lydia while ironing and stuffing the pillows.

Sister Tracy finished the process by hand sewing the small openings.

Sister Lydia used her honed sewing machine skills as we moved on to the blankets and navy pillows.

Tressa was a big help in stuffing the pillows and, as always, keeping us entertained. She was the official pillow tester and became enamored with the Poly-Fil. Somewhere along the way, she realized what cool hair it could make. And, some of us couldn't resist in joining her.


oldbaptistadam said...

That is wonderful, and I appreciate your sharing it!

Dani said...

that is awesome, must have been lots and lots of fun!

Sandy-san said...

*giggle* You guys are just awesome! I never knew sewing could be so much fun! Now, for your next project, if you need more help... knock me upside of my head!!! =D