Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mother-Daughter Weekend, Feb 2007

Mother-Daughter Weekend Feb 2007
After a long, fun night in the kitchen

I don't know when our tradition began. But, sometime after I moved away from home, Mom started visiting me each February for a three day weekend (usually around Presidents Day), and I began going home each October for a few days around the Spoon River Drive. We call these designated days our "Mother-Daughter Weekends", and they are always something to which I greatly look forward.

Don't get me wrong. My parents do travel together to visit me on certain occasions, and that is wonderful. But, there's been an extra-special blessing in spending time with them, one on one, and knowing each as an individual in addition to knowing them in their loving relationship as spouses and parents. That way, Mom and I are able to enjoy the hobbies and activities that we share that are not necessarily enjoyed as much by Dad, and we are able to have good girl talk, when needed. Our weekends are usually filled with crafts, cooking, antiques and flea markets, watching home design and decor shows, house projects, and the like.

A few years ago, Dad started coming for his own visits so we could enjoy "Father-Daughter Weekends." My special times with Dad often center around visits to the music stores, hearing live music at the local jazz clubs, or packing in several movies throughout the weekend. Even though the weekends with him vary from year to year, they have been just as wonderful. In fact, Dad hopes to visit in two weeks.

As you might have guessed, this past weekend was our annual Mother-Daughter Weekend, and we had a lot of fun together. Before I even knew what was going on in the community, I knew I would like Mom to show me how she makes pies and share any special tips she has. After attending an auction in Highland (more on that adventure soon, maybe tomorrow), we had a well-spent evening with apples, and Sister Lydia joined us in the fun. Here's a step-by-step picture story of our Saturday evening together.

Mom took on the peeling while Lydia attended to the coring and slicing. Unfortunately, I had left my recipe collection at work after sharing recipes with some co-workers. So, we tried a wonderful new crust recipe (included vinegar) from the Taste and See cookbook that was given to me by my "Aunt Sissy", Mom's sister. Mom was careful to explain the details behind using ice water, keeping dough cool, and adding tapioca to thicken fruit juices.

I mix up the new spice combinations that we tried, and Mom and I spread out the streusel topping for our second pie. It was a crazy evening - as we looked through so many cookbooks because of the absence of my recipe cards which held all of the family recipes. So, the counters were covered with books, bowls, papers and pies.

A little too late, we realized we had peeled and sliced too many apples. So, we moved right along with trying a new apple crisp recipe. That next morning, the dessert table at church was filled with delicious apple creations.

OK... OK... the dessert counter at church would have been a little more full if we hadn't decided to go ahead and taste the double crust apple pie. We worked up an apetite, so we couldn't resist! Mom stated over and over, "Now, I am not an expert." So, maybe they aren't the most beautiful pies... but I thought they were beautiful and tasty. And, I learned a lot!!

After the auction and a few hours in the kitchen, we were pretty tired. But it was a wonderful day spent together - especially with some yummy, spicy, warm apple pie to enjoy at its conclusion.


audreysnanny said...

Oh what a wonderful thing to do. My Mom made lemon pie. That was her specialty. My Dad could not get enough of it. Now, it is too late to get her to show me how, for she has Alzheimers and would probably tell me she had never made a pie in her life. You are so wise in getting to learn like this from your Mom. My girls took a home economics class from Grandma Green. Now, they learned some really neat recipes!!!

strem said...

My mom would absolutely love your mom's pie, I am sure. Lemon pie is her favorite, and my grandma made it often when Mom was a child.

Unfortunately, Grandma Washburn passed away when I was two, so I was not able to learn many of her cooking secrets. But, I am trying to be very diligent in learning what I can from Mom, my aunts and great aunts. Too many family recipes were not written down and have now been lost. I think I need a lesson from Grandma Green!!!

Dani said...

I wish I could cook at all. Grandmother is putting together all her best recipes for me easiest first, for my biday. Maybe my cooking skills will increase. :)

Sandy-san said...

I think it's so wonderful that you both make time to do things like this together each year. What a wonderful tradition! The pie was very yummy!!! =)