Monday, February 19, 2007

Saturday Social, February 2007

For a year or so now, our church members have attempted to meet together on a designated Saturday evening each month and enjoy the blessing of fellowship... in an attempt to better know each other, support each other, and pray for one another. Our activities have varied, often including hymn singing, making crafts together, helping strengthen biblical knowledge, along with a consistent abundance of plain old visiting and eating. Of course, involvement in any of these activities is strictly voluntary, but I believe those who have participated have been blessed by the experiences.

This past Saturday, we met in the home of Brother Chris, our pastor. We had a slightly delayed start because of the weather, but the fellowship soon warmed us thoroughly. Part of my contribution to the "meal of snacks" were cold cut sandwiches, and I decided to make a second attempt at homemade bread. Mom, this is how it turned out:

Much better, yes... but not completely. Can anyone explain what might have created this large rip down the side? I have a long way to go in this art, but I am extremely happy that I am making progress.

It was a low key, fun evening. Some serious discussions were had over at the dining room table. And, as you might guess, I was in the living room where some not-so-serious discussions were shared. During a break, the Z family grouped up for a lovely family photo. In a few months, Lord willing, there will be 5 members in the picture.

Uh oh! Someone raided Mr. Potato Head's closet during the social. (I don't think Abi was the only one. Wink wink!)


Nardo said...

Too cute!

Dani said...

Looks like much fun :)

Sandy-san said...

Miss Abi is such a cutie-pie!