Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dad's Special Delivery

On my way home from work yesterday, I received a call from a local florist to notify me that I had a "special delivery." So, I could not wait to see what had been sent to me. After receiving it, I was afraid to open it - as it was just too beautiful. But, it was even more beautiful on the inside. Tulips, variegated roses, pink ribbon, a mossy heart... So pretty. (Mom, Dad, Aunt Norma, Uncle Roger, anyone...? Do you know what the purple flowers are?)

It was an especially special delivery when I realized these were from my dad. This picture does not do justice to the bouquet, but I knew Dad would be happy to see that the arrangement was so gorgeous. After a particularly bad Valentine's Day in 2000, I was shocked to see one of my co-workers carrying a balloon and a small stuffed teddy bear into my office. Dad had been thinking of me, and he just wanted to let me know. Since then, Dad has been so thoughtful to continue the tradition. I do not expect the gift each year, yet I am very appreciative that he would do something so kind for me.

The neatest part of the bouquet is the reuseable silver basket (which goes so well in my dining room) and these neat little test tube-like vials which hold the water and plant stems. So, this may take a permanent place in the middle of my table.

Thank you, Dad, for sending such a special delivery.
I love you very, very much.


Elizabeth said...

awww...that was so thoughtful

Dani said...

you know, when I was in fourth grade, Daddy came to eat lunch with me and Mother for Valentine's Day (she teaches fourth grade, and she had the same lunch as me). I suppose it was mostly for her, but he gave me a little heart shaped pin that said "Love" and when I got home I had my very own rose in my very own vase, next to Mother's dozen roses. It was the sweetest thing ever and I have never forgotten it.

Dads have a great way of making daughters feel so loved don't they. :)

strem said...

Yes, they do!

Sandy-san said...

Beautiful! *sob* That is so sweet!