Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Scenes from the Weekend

May all of you be blessed with a wonderful new year.
Already, I miss you!

*** Disclaimer: I am so thankful that Brother Chris has allowed me to use his digital camera regularly since the summer. It has helped me capture many memories, and it has been wonderful to include some photos here for all of the blog readers to see. However, I have now learned that this camera causes pictures to become darker and more blurry when the battery nears the end of its life. Unfortunately, it is difficult to know when it is occurring - as it starts affecting photos long before the battery signal shows up on the screen. And, I cannot seen the blurry outlines until the pictures are enlarged on a computer monitor. So, unfortunately, many MANY photos did not turn out well from the New Years Meeting in Memphis this past weekend. However, the attached are the best that could be salvaged. Needless to say, the batteries were promptly changed once the problem was recognized.

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