Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Ringing In The New Year

As is tradition, much of our little flock (within Little Flock Primitive Baptist Church) gathered at our meeting place to wait for the new year.
Our evening was filled with...

  • hymn singing
  • an abundance of cheese and deviled eggs
  • laughing
  • more food
  • hugs
  • stories of Christmas with family
  • yummy snacks
  • more singing
  • celebration for Sister Lydia's birthday
  • sharing blessings of the past year
  • special requests for prayer
  • did I mention the delicious food and the beautiful singing?
    • Some members decided to head home early, but all were invited to come to my house to play games, enjoy some more snacks, and help me ring in the new year. So we continued the evening with...
    • summer sausage, another cheeseball, fruit salad, and pistachios
    • Cribbage (Brother Jerry forfeited to Brother Dale)
    • Brother Bill entertaining us with his hilarious arguments during Apples to Apples
    • tons more laughter about too many topics to mention
    • Pop 5 game for those staying the latest
    • ringing in the new year with pots, pans, and wooden spoons
    • Here we are, lining up in the living room and watching the countdown so that we could go outside with our pans at exactly the right moment.

      I think my neighbors weren't sure about what was happening, but we were sure having fun. Brother Chris went out in the yard to take some photos while we raised a ruckus and - literally - rang (or clunked) in the new year.

      I had so much fun that evening, and I was so happy to have good friends with whom to spend it. The night was capped off wonderfully with Lydia and Tasha staying over, and now we cannot wait to see what 2007 holds for each of us.


      Queen Shenaynay said...

      Goodness gracious. "Deviled" eggs at a PB church function -- say it ain't so! At LPBC, we don't want to give the devil credit where it's not due, so we call them hardshelled eggs.

      It was so good to meet you in Memphis!

      Elizabeth said...

      Sounds like a wonderful time of fellowship! I am confident that 2007 will be the best yet as we grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ!

      strem said...
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      strem said...

      I know exactly what you mean, Sister Lynn. I feel the same way about the word "luck", also. I am a member of a Christian women's email group, and we talked about the egg and luck situation recently. I thought the list of terms used in place of "potluck" by different churches was amusing and helpful:

      providential dinner
      pot blessings lunch
      fellowship meal
      carry in lunch
      dinner on the grounds
      covered dish meal
      bring a dish dinner
      pass a plate lunch

      Good seeing you too. Hope we're able to have a long chat sometime.

      Siren said...

      I love Apples to Apples! When we got it as a gift a few years ago nobody had ever heard of it, but now we're coming across a lot more people who have played. My husband and FIL are two peas in a pod, so my MIL and I are always find ourselves arguing about ridiculous things with them when we play.

      strem said...

      Siren, I'm glad you also like the game. Dad and Mom gave Aaron and Ketra a set and me a set for Christmas 2005 after they saw that it had won all sorts of awards - especially Mensa's Game of the Year. When I introduce it to folks, they aren't sure at first... wondering how in the world this could be fun. But, the "persuading and comparing" starts, and then everyone starts laughing.

      Sandy-san said...

      *smile* If it wasn't for my continual "tired" self, I would have had a great time! I'm so sorry that I am such a party pooper! I did have a great time being with you while I was there! I always feel so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life...