Thursday, January 18, 2007


When I'm sitting on the benches in the mall, waiting for my prescriptions at the pharmacy, or doing any number of things by myself, I'm always more aware of the chit-chat around me. Without attempting, I learn about the most fascinating topics, which opens up more opportunities to learn and look up words on and Wikipedia. (I know. I'm weird.)

About 3 weeks before Christmas, I overheard one woman repeating a word to her friend. A suggestion for a Christmas present - if she could order it online quickly enough, "as there are no stores or museums that carry them in the area." It seemed it was a toy. It seemed it was unique. It seemed her kids love it... or them... whatever the case was. It was one weird word - whatever it was.

With determination, I repeated the word over and over and over in my head as I completed my last errand in Books-a-million and marched to the car. This was a strong effort so that I would remember the term until I reached my office the next morning. (My home computer was still on the blink.) But, as soon as I got caught up in the jumbled mess of baby registries at Babies R Us, I realized the mystical-sounding name had exited my head as quickly as it had entered. And, on the long dreary drive to my abode, I lamented the fun that could have been had in finding the mysterious toy. Maybe my life would not be complete without it. Maybe my young friends NEEDED this fascinating item. Maybe this would be an answer to an upcoming crossword puzzle or trivia competition. My thoughts whirled. Mostly they centered on, 'why in the world didn't I take out a pen from my purse and write down the name phonetically?' Bugaboo. Bibliol. Blobby. NO! None of these were right! More frustration. So close, yet so far away.

(...7 weeks pass...)

Then, in another surprising feat of my subconscious, I awoke out of a dream this morning (after not having consciously thought of it since Christmas) with the name on the tip of my tongue. Actually, it was on all of my tongue. BILIBO.

So, here it is. The treasure. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. (You're right. It isn't that fascinating, is it?!?!) But, nonetheless, this is the Bilibo. You can check out the site to see its friends, Bilibo mini and Babal. And you can watch the movie to see children having a wonderful time with Bilibo.

(Honestly, to me, it resembles one of those old angular seats from the 80's that were mounted on the back of bicycles so that mommies could ride around with their babies. But, HEY! Maybe it's a ton of fun.) Know anyone who owns one of these?


audreysnanny said...

I checked out the bilibo mini and that is one strange toy. Not sure how one would really get enjoyment from it, but hey, to each their own. Maybe there is more to being a kid than I remember??? ;)

strem said...

They show all kinds of examples for the Bilibo on the site.... like using it in a pool or beach, putting two together to make a smiley face... and the most fun: sitting it in and spinning around. I would get one for that, but I wonder if they make an "adult size" version.

Siren said...

I remember having just as much fun - probably more - with a refrigerator carton. This seems like a pretty pointless toy to me.

strem said...

I think it is amusing that I've now checked with some of my "artsiest" friends... and many of their children have these. FUNNY!

Sandy-san said...

I have seen it before, but I didn't know what it was called.

When I look at it, it reminds me of Dumb Donald on Fat Albert (his hat). It also reminds me of Sergeant Schultz of Hogan's Heroes (his hat, too).

Okay, I am really dating myself here...