Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Little Pink Houses For You And Me

Still recapping the multi-state trip from the 2nd weekend of December (if you can believe it.)

This is Brother John.
He considers himself a minimalist.
He hopes to live simply after making his next move.
He reads books like Tiny Book of Tiny Houses, Living Small, A Little House of My Own, and Little House on a Small Planet.

So, on our way out of Greenwood, MS, John requested that we make a few "important stops" as he very much wanted to show some things to Lydia and me. Little did we know, we were on our way to what first looked like a storage lot for lawnmower sheds. After a closer look, we realized we could be looking at the future home of Brother John!

Here's what Brother John may look like someday while coming out to greet the mailman or maybe church members who are visiting. (Hopefully, it won't be a large family visiting! Where will all of them sit?)

Here are a few more views:
The head-on front view. Lydia and I tried to offer suggestions for how he could "homey it up"... like painting the shutters and front door the same bright color and adding a window box. I don't think he plans on implementing those.

Here's John, stooping to see out the window of his future loft and bedroom.

This is dark, but it might provide some perspective. I am standing in the very back of the house, and Lydia is standing the opposite corner right by the door.

I was a little skeptical at first, but I realize more and more on how focused we are about having STUFF. (I should be speaking for myself. I am focused on having STUFF much more than I should!) So, I can completely appreciate what Brother John means when he tells me he can everything he needs in one of these little houses and less easily be tempted to have more than he needs. (Besides, where would he put it?) Research shows that small houses are best suited and most appreciated by people under 25 and over 45 - namely individuals without children or whose children have already left the nest. And, the savings in electricity and gas must be huge.

For more information on this growing interest, please check out the sites for Small House Society and the Mobile Hermitage, along with leaders of this movement, Jay Shafer and Gregory Paul Johnson.

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Sandy-san said...

I was laughing at first when I had read about Brother John's ideas of being a minimalist and then seen the house, but he's spot on! I actually have to agree with you!

In fact, I can't wait to sell most of my things and get a small apartment someday soon! My house isn't big, but you know how it is, the bigger the space, the more things you will want to put in it. I am ready to get rid of everything and start small (of course, only when oldest son decides to fly!)

I want "simplicity"