Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Riddle Fun #1

Every once in a while, I'll try to post a few riddles for you. From the 1999 edition of "MENSA Riddles and Conundrums"...

A) Sid always moans that if only people told the truth he would sell more goods. What does he make?

B) Albert Coley is a fishmonger. He stands 6ft. 6 in. (2 meters) in his socks, wears size XXL in clothes, and wears size 14 shoes. What do you think he weighs?

C) A man and his wife were driving rapidly through town late at night. Suddenly the car broke down. The man had to get help but was nervous about leaving his wife alone at that hour. However, there was absolutely no question of her coming too. Eventually, he told her to lock all the doors, keep the windows shut, and wait for him to return. Under no circumstances whatsoever was she to let anyone else into the car. The wife did as she was told, but, even so, when the man returned to the locked car, his wife was entertaining two strangers. What happened?

D) In Dead Men's Gulch, Colorado, there was a barber who had a hold over the local mayor. The mayor was manipulated into passing a law that no man might shave himself and no man might grow a beard. This was all very well and the barber did well out of it but, nevertheless, even one so rich was not above the law. Who shaved the barber?

Now, many of these are old and fairly simple to figure out. So, it is likely that you determine the answers right away. However, please use the comment feature to write in your guesses to one of the puzzles by noting the letter that goes with the riddle. (Maybe we should limit submitting answers for just one at a time at first.) I'll be sure to confirm when a correct answer has been guessed. Go get 'em!

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Dad said...

B. I say Fish

D. Mom says his wife.

strem said...

Dad, you're correct. Sort of like the henweigh joke.

And, yes, Mom. You're also correct.

Does anyone else have any guesses for A and C? Please write in.

Nardo said...

C. the wife is pregnant and has twins before he comes back with help.

strem said...

Nardo is correct. It's very fitting that you'd get the answer to that one. Except for the fact it refers to twins. :)

Anyone have a guess for A?

Sister Sandy said...

A) Birthday candles, of course! =D

Sister Sandy

strem said...

Yep. Sister Sandy got it right!

Thanks for the quick responses. I'll most more riddles - and hopefully, more challenging riddles - soon. I just wanted to make sure we started out slowly!