Thursday, September 21, 2006

And, The Goodbyes Continue...

John, being his usual self... What more can I say?

Here's an accurate depiction of what was most assuredly occurring inside of our heads at the time. Me: blurry. Tracy: crystal clear.

Tressa is receiving careful instructions from her daddy. Unfortunately, her favorite topping, the blue sprinkles, seem to have already disappeared. Hmmmm.

After the fellowship, the next best thing about our visits to Culver's are the cheese curds. Before and after.

My apologies go out to Jeff, whose picture I did not take before the camera started acting up. Also, in trying to respect my elders, I have followed Sister Barb's instructions by not posting the picture of Brother Paul and her. Hopefully, a good picture can be posted soon! I think a nice time was had by all...but we are sad this will be one of the last times we'll all go to Culver's together on Wednesday nights.

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