Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Even More Pirates! The Saltiest Kind!

Dasn't mess wi' this fierce captain o' th' sea, Tressa the Terrible. She`ll avast at nothin' t' make sure she gets yer fortunes! Just to prove it, she's givin' ye her best and most snarly ARRRRRRRHHH!

This buccanneer may be th' most feared. She be searchin' through ever' chest t' take inventory o' th' lass' riches.

OH NAY! This one be empty. Who dared t' steal from this crazy jill? Beware! Abigail th' One Tooth be comin' after ye!

She taunts, "Will YE be walkin' th' plank fer takin' me booty?"


Nardo said...

Too cute!! They make pirates look adorable.

Katie! said...

Michelle! guess what, we are headin your way this weekend!!

Katie! said...

o barnacles! theres been a change of plans. we will be in missouri this weekend visiting relatives but we may not be able to make to edwardsville on sunday. O O u should give my dad a call and bug him about, maybe then he'll give in!