Saturday, September 16, 2006

My Brother's Pez Collection

Tonight, while doing some late night grocery shopping, I was happy to catch my brother on the phone. We had a good chat while catching up on house repairs and family goings-on....when all of a sudden I gasped. There before me was a big display of one of Aaron's favorite items: PEZ! I could not believe it. I can't even begin to estimate how many Pez dispensers he has. I just know he has plastic tubs full of them, and he is trying to find a creative way of displaying them.

This summer, my brother, sister-in-law, cousins, aunt, uncle and I went to Wisconsin Dells for a camping trip. One afternoon, we decided to venture downtown, and our favorite stop was the candy store. (For most of us, it was because we liked the homemade candy: saltwater taffy, creamy fudge, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate mints, etc. For Aaron, it was because he found some Pez that he did not yet have in his collection. That's a rare occasion!)

So, as I started rattling off the Pez dispensers that were available at the ol' Shop 'n Save tonight, Aaron didn't seem all that excited after the initial shock of me finding it was extremely unlikely that they were going to have a Pez that my brother didn't already own. To both of our surprise, they had 3 Chicken Little characters that he doesn't have!!!! I was happy and very willing to put up the $1.29 a piece for Chicken Little, Ugly Duckling, and Fish out of Water. The night got even better for my brother when he realized the dispensers were mounted on a cardboard backing instead of packaged inside a plastic bag how you will find some. (I guess the cardboard versions may be worth a little more money down the road.)

My brother also collects anything that is related to The Simpsons. I think he could win almost any trivia contest about them. Once again, I can't even begin to estimate how much he has or what he has....board games, coasters, candy....all of it having to do with The Simpsons. Whenever we want to buy him something with Pez or the Simpsons we have to check with his wife or him first. And, as you might guess, his collections have come together so wonderfully with this item.

I've collected all sorts of things in my life. Koalas, dolphins, crazy socks, stationery, unique pens, CDs/music, World's Fair memorabilia and picture books, children's readers, (books of all kinds, really), and pansies are coming to mind at the moment. In fact, in one way or another, I guess I am still actively collecting all of these except the first three I listed. Pansies cover the shelves, nooks, and crannies of my kitchen, and I built a little library corner to store my books in my upstairs room I'm renovating. My co-workers love to bring me pens they've found on trips, and they know I especially love the rollerball kind. But, my favorite "collectables" of all are my letters. I have almost every letter or card that has been sent to me since I was about 11. These are very precious gifts to me, and I can't bear the thought of throwing them away. Thankfully, I (like my brother) have good plastic storage tubs to keep them in.

What do you collect?

P.S. Despite my best efforts, I also unwillingly collect dust and cat hair. Therefore, I've added a new item to collect: lint rollers.


Nardo said...

spoons. old coins. any kind of books. hats. old movies.

Siren said...

Books. And books. And more books. The front room of our house is a library instead of "living room." (Up here, they call what we know as the "living room" the "family room" and what I think of as "that museum room at the front of Grandma's house" is what they call a "living room.")

One could also argue that I collect homeless animals....

Anonymous said...

1) animated smiley .gifs from the Internet.
2) music files
3) my eclectic CDs
4) books
5) useless junk that really needs to be thrown out =(

Sister Sandy