Friday, September 01, 2006

My Job

Various folks have been writing in to see how things are going with my job, and many are still very confused about what my company does. For information, please check out Givaudan's web site or information listed on Wikipedia's Givaudan entry. I was pleasantly surprised to read that it is noted as the world's largest producer of flavors and fragrances. Givaudan is a Swiss-owned company that was founded in 1796, and we are in 100 countries all over the world. Our international headquarters are in Vernier, Switzerland, and our national headquarters are in Cincinnati, Ohio.
I work at the St. Louis (Bridgeton, MO) site, and we make many delicious flavors for ice creams, fruit drinks, egg nogs, and chocolate milk products. On most days, the offices and the surrounding area outside our plant smell like brownies. This site was formerly both Consolidated Flavors and Tastemaker.


audreysnanny said...

AAAAhhhhhhhh.... do you give field trips??????

strem said...

Yes, any time!!! But, the AR crowd will have to drive the 8 or so hours to get here.