Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Trip To the Moon on Gossamer Wings

Roving reporter for Stremmed Out, Piano Man, has written in to recommend a web site for an NPR radio show, A Way With Words. When he did so, I immediately recognized one of the hosts' name... which led me back to the article that I posted yesterday.

David Cook and I are word nerds, and we're not ashamed to proclaim it. So if you're a word nerd, you too will want to check out the site for A Way With Words. It features many podcasts and minicasts from the show... hours and hours full of word origins and trivia. Dad especially enjoyed this episode about the word gossamer. Take a few moments to read or listen.

I was disappointed to discover that our local St. Louis NPR station does not air A Way With Words, but I am going to get busy and write them an email to ask them to consider doing so!

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