Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Too...(What's the word?)...Cute

Even though it is out of the ordinary for him to do so, my friend John sent me the link to an interesting web site. It is especially out of the ordinary because of the subject matter. This just isn't John's cup of tea. But, it's definitely mine!

Please check out the Cute Overload site. It may take a while to load all of the pictures for each section, but it is definitely worth the wait. Be prepared to see kittens, puppies, birds, turtles - even chinchillas and koalas, two of my all-time favorites. Also, be sure to see the specialty headings on the left-hand side on the main page...which include "The Rules of Cuteness", "Cute or Sad?", and "Unusual Animals" along with the listings for specific species. Just the kind of site (and full pot of tea) one likes to see when a smile is needed!

If we were pressed to do so, my family would probably come up with the following submissions for consideration:

Mom's cat, Cindy, tangled up in Dad's afghan yarn. (Note the black spot on her upper lip resembling Cindy Crawford's mole. Hence the name.)

Dad's dog, Lennie, who seems very concerned over this matter. Probably best for the "Cute or Sad?" category. Not quite sure.

1 comment:

Siren said...

I love that site!

And my dog makes the same face (we're pretty sure it's sad) when we put Christmas antlers on her : )