Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Bubble Fest

One of my favorite things to give the kids in the neighborhood or my friends' children is a bottle of bubbles. You know the kind....a brightly colored plastic bottle with a plastic wand and bubble solution inside. I guess I like to give those away because it reminds me of fun times with my brother when we were in grade school. We used to have a bubble set that would entertain us in the back yard, and this set included a round plastic tray (to hold the solution), a big wand (to make giant bubbles), and a special wand that had about 50 holes in it (to make many small bubbles at once). I am sure a toy company still makes these, but I haven't seen them or looked for them for years.

I remember Aaron and me taking turns with the large-holed wand, trying to make the largest and longest bubbles, and seeing if we could have one float higher than the trees (which would often be the culprit in popping them). This was really fun....until we ran out of the manufactured bubble solution! From then on, it was hit or miss about whether we could make a homemade solution that would hold up in the back yard breezes.

Well, children of today should have no worries - as they can just turn to www.bubbles.org to find 3 great formulas to help with their giant bubble attempts. The web site also includes other helpful tips, great resources for anyone wanting to complete a science project on bubbles, and some info on Professor Bubbles, a performer and the keeper of this site.

There are many weird scientists and many child-like employees here at my workplace, and we've been hatching a plan. In the next couple of weeks, we're going to have a "Bubble Fest" during one of our lunch hours. If all goes as planned, I'll post some pictures from the event very soon. Happy bubble blowing!!!!

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