Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Pretty Penny

From orphan girl to queen of the castle, Penny has lived an interesting life so far. But, currently, she's bored. She keeps trying to find things to do, but it seems to only put her in more trouble. For instance, on Sunday, she once again darted in and out of my closets all morning as I prepared for church. Little did she know, I was also heading off to a family reunion and wouldn't return until 9:30 pm that night. Right away, I thought something was weird when she didn't greet me at the back door, begging for food, at my return. So, immediately, I suspected the closet. And, there, I found her. Caught all food, no water, no light, no Simon to keep her company. You should have seen the quick dart to the basement (aka the location of the litter boxes.)

In recent months, she has started this odd ritual of bringing up items from the basement - usually pens or ribbons - she's retrieved from my storage boxes. Hey! If I leave her to it, maybe my basement will finally be cleaned out!

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lydia said...

Penny is indeed pretty! It's beem a long time since I've been over to visit Pretty Penny and Snuggly Simon. (Ok, so I was trying to think of an "S" word to describe Simon, and that's all I could think of.)