Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tater Mitts Have Got A Hold On Me

Something about those Tater Mitts infomercials has still got a hold on my brain... besides the completely tricked feeling I have over the blanching issue. Blanching just kept ringing through my head. Blanching. Blanch. That is such a funny word to me. Say with with me. BLANCH.

So, of course, I started thinking about the name Blanche. Say it with me. BLANCHE. Sounds the same and is just as funny with or without the e.

The fact is that I don't know a single person with the name Blanche. Not one. The only time I know of hearing it is in reference to that character on the TV show Golden Girls. So, that made me think of the name Maude.... which was the other TV personality of Golden Girls co-star Bea Arthur. I know it is a perfectly legitimate name, but I don't know of anyone named Maude.

It just made me think of all of the names that were so popular a century ago that are not used today. Even since 50 years ago, there have been some names that have gone out of style. With apologies to my mom, how many babies do you know named Phyllis? How about Gladys? Dorothy? Fern? Bertha, Edna, Hazel? Emma seemed to be firmly stuck in that category until the name was used for the child on the TV show Friends.

How about male names? Mortimer? Herman? Fred? Ralph? Barney? Herbert? Floyd? Elmer, Earl, Eugene, Clarence, Ernest? Know any babies with those names? I don't. The only exception that I know of is that Henry (with the nickname Hank) is making a strong comeback. I have 3 different friends who have named their sons Henry in the last 5 years.

So, in another attempt to stay awake and entertain myself at the hotel this past week, I made a list of all of the names I could think of that fit into this category.

Do you have any names that come to mind that you just don't hear parents naming their children any more? Or do you have any older names that you know are making a comeback?

Leonard, Albert, Gertrude, Bessie, Mabel, Agnes, Thelma, Ida, Myrtle, Beulah, Harry, Roy, Alvin, Delbert... the list goes on and on.


Kelly Spezzano said...

Ha Ha :) Good blog... first I would like to comment about the tater mits... If you have to blanch them first, then I would think that regardless of whether you have the mits or not, that skin will fall right off (that's my opinion). Now on to the more important issue at hand, "BLANCHE"

My Great Grandmother *Willie Mae* had a sister named Gladys- that's an uncommon name now days (and don't even get me started on Willie Mae). But to make matters worse, my great grandmother had some "step daughters" named Ottis, Rencie, and Hannahmae (Hannah is a common name still) but Ottis and Rencie? What were they thinking? My Great Grandmother also had, in addition to the step children, some natural children of whom she named: Charlie (that's common- except his middle name is Brown- no joke) Johnny (now we're talking modern)uh... Walton (not really that common, but not too bad) and then my grandmother... wait for it... Virgia Lenora (no, I did not misspell the first name, you read it right... Virgia...) She goes by Lenora...and she is married to a man named "Lorne"...

So if you haven't guessed by now, it is highly unlikely that I will carry on any family names for my own children (haha)

I love some of the bible names that people are using more frequently (for example Jonah and Josiah for boys- Ruth and Rebekkah for girls)

Then there are the classic names that never go out of style- James, Steven, John, Elizabeth, Sarah, Rachael...

And as a side note, the names Emily and Emma topped the 1000 most popular US baby name list for girls in 2005 (they were the 1 & 2 spot)

strem said...

Thanks for sharing those. They are great! Is Ottis not like Otis... but, instead, a short O sound instead of a long O sound? If so, that is very oddis.

I especially liked hearing about your grandmother's husband Lorne because my grandad's name was Loren. Written out as two syllables, everyone still said his name like Lorne.

strem said...

And about the tater mitts... yes, that's what my friend Laurie pointed out. What a scam!

Ceridwen said...

Dad and I were talking about this sort of thing last night. He noticed the names Murphy and something else. I can't remember. I'll have to ask him again and get back to you.

jsarber said...

My middle name which was also my grandfather's name doesn't seem to be too popular anymore...Elias. I hated it as a kid but have since grown to love it. I say it should make comeback.

~*Rachel*~ said...

Oh my Dad's side of the family had some really odd names. So did my mom's side and then just some random people I knew.

Let's see, Bonnie, Gladys,Oneil( pronounced Oh-neel, it was my great aunt's name)
Eleanor, Newmon, Stump, Opal,
Mary-Chris, Hylah, Tammy, Tamara, Tina ( I only know one other person named after my mom, it's just not common) Jean, Maitlyn, Shane, Krissy,

My Dad knows some really odd ones, I'll ask him and then post again.

Elizabeth said...

Basically, take anyone in my family and you have at least one name that isn't used anymore (and some that never should have been: I have a great great aunt named Monveria Trifina)

Uncommon Now: Colvin, Elliot, Cynthia, Shirley, Patricia, Hattie, Augustus, Bessie, Lola, Glenda, Linda, Everett, Leroy, Calvin, Sandy, Carolynn, Sam, Betty, Marrion (boy's name), Pamela... I could go on and on. I won't.

Oh and when I hear the name Blanche, I always think of "A Street Car Named Desire" - but she wasn't a real person, and I guess that's the only one I've ever heard of having that name. It does add a certain regale to add the e to the end though.

Dani said...

My great grandmother had a name that you will love...

"Alpharate Blanche Brackin Pratt"

She went by Blanche, and the Brackin was pronounced 'Brackeen'

Just thought that would be vital information for you.

As for me I've always said my first daughter would be Ashley Ruth, and call her Ruth. I like Biblical names.

Kelly Spezzano said...

Yes, short "O" on the name Ottis (like "otter") LOL and Danielle, I think you absolutely made that name up! LOL (just kidding)

Anonymous said...

My grandparents'names were Mabel and Delphin. They named my uncle Delbert (at least that a little better :-). I had an Aunt Edna and Mardine.


Dani said...

oh come on Sis. Kelly you know I want to name my second daughter that

Kelly Spezzano said...

:) If I have a girl first, I am totally stealing the name! (:

mike3e said...

Hilarious post! I love your comment about Ottis being "oddis".

I had an Aunt Magdelena (one side of the family called her Maggie, the other side called her Laney).

I had an Aunt Willa. Not many Willas out there.

My dad's middle name is Francis.

And, as you know, my middle name is Sebastian.