Friday, January 11, 2008

New Year Games

I know these posts will be out of order, but hopefully, together, we can make sense of all of this.

Amongst a great feast at the church building and some wonderful preaching by Elder Marty Smith, Little Flock Church followed its annual tradition of singing in the new year. The voices truly rang out that evening, and we could feel the Lord's presence as we anticipated the arrival of 2008.

It is also the tradition to break up a tad early so that some members can make it safely home before the new year's arrival. But, others of us have become accustomed to moving the celebration to a member's home to be rambunctious and loud while playing crazy board games. We've been known to even bang a pot and pan or two together at midnight. Look out Times Square! We know how to really celebrate.

So, we moved to the Zimmerman household. We decorated cookies. (Brother Chris' gingerbread man is a rather smiley chap with a rather large schnoz.) We talked in the living room while putting off playing the games. (At least, it seemed that way to me.) We watched Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest call out the countdown. We played PIT! (Two, two, two! Three, Three!) We played Catchphrase which made us need to take breaks to catch our breath from laughing so hard.

But, I think we would all agree. The most fun activity of the night, hands down, was HUNGRY HUNGRY HIPPOS! Just look at Tressa's face. She was so excited.

I know some of you played a game that our family politely calls "I Doubt It!" And, some of you played Risk. But, did you play any other games while ringing in the new year? Better yet, do you have any games you liked as a child that you like to bring out every once in a while and play again? (If not, I strongly suggest Hungry Hungry Hippos with a pre-schooler.)


Kelly Spezzano said...

Michelle- I know you had already filled me in on your New Year's festivities, but I really enjoyed reading the blog, and seeing the photos! Thanks for sharing! And my family called the game "I Doubt It" too, but everyone else seemed to know it as "Bull"!
We didn't play this on New Year's, but a couple of us played Disney Trivial Pursuit for Rachel Abernathy's 17th birthday (It's a lot harder than it might sound) As for a favorite childhood game...I loved the board game Payday! My sister's and I use to play all the time!

Elizabeth said...

oh What Fun!

jsarber said...

Man, I forgot about Hungry Hungry Hippo. What a great game! Well, as my post about New Year's Eve tells, we didn't really play any games that night. We played a lot of Risk that week and some Chess, but on New Year's we hung around the bonfire, shot off fireworks, and watched Sister Robin Howell wrestle the dog.

strem said...

Jeremy, that dog wrestling does seem like a fun time. And, Kelly, I would really need to brush up on my Disney. I haven't watched the movies 50+ times like most of the children I know, so I would surely lose.

Hungry Hungry Hippos really brings back memories for me, and playing Don't Break the Ice with Tressa does the same. Aaron and I used to play that a lot!