Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Favorite Hymn

As you know, I often have a song in my head that is just as often coming out of my mouth. Every once in a while, it will be a contemporary hit. More often, it will be a jazz standard that my father has taught me. Most often, it will be a hymn.

I like playing the "My Favorite" game with people. Our group plays it in the car on the way home from a church meeting. One person will announce the category (like favorite flower, favorite food, favorite conversation from the weekend, sermon point from the weekend that has most stuck with you...), and each person will take a turn answering it before the next topic is announced. Playing this is a wonderful way to get to know someone or learn about the interesting facts of his/her life.

It seems we always end up at "favorite hymn", and I have never known what to answer. There are so many great ones from which to choose. How could I narrow it down to just one? But, in the last year, one has continually returned to my mind, and I find myself singing it - both when I need that particular encouragement and when I don't even realize right away that I am singing. It probably has a lot do with the melody which I love, but the hymn also includes some important reminders which apply to my particular pitfalls. So, I need the reminding. Regularly. Very regularly. I think this may also be one of my dad's favorites - as I hear him call for it at church meetings.

Mary F. Stewart
HYMN # 327

Lord let me praise Thee in the morning,
While the day is new.
Let me praise Thee at the noontide,
And the evening too.
Let me not forget to praise Thee,
For since on the cross they nailed Thee,
Thy love has never failed me,
And it never will.

Lord, keep me with Thee through life's journey,
Else I'll lonely be.
Let me ever feel Thy presence,
Keep me close to Thee.
Let me not forget 'tis Jesus
That has never yet forgot us,
He says He'll always love us,
And I know He will.

Lord, I must come to Thee for comfort,
To Thee, Lord, alone,
All that we may do for others
Can't for sin atone.
Lord, we know that Thou dids't tell us
That the poor are always with us,
And that Thy love is jealous.
Let us love Thee more.

I know it is difficult to narrow down the list to just one. But, do you have a favorite hymn or one which you turn to regularly?


Kelly Spezzano said...

My niece Abbey and I share the same "favorite" hymn, "It Is Well With My Soul". She calls it out almost every Sunday, which allows me to call out another of my favorites (usually never the same from week to week). I am also very fond of this particular hymn that is in the 12th Edition of the Old School Hymnal, it's called "O Come Let Us Worship" (#603)

O come let us worship before our great Lord,
Come kneel down before him in reverence and fear.
With thanksgiving praise and in hearing his word,
Come worship with singing the Master is here!
(The other 2 verses are just as wonderful, and the melody is simply beautiful!)

Elizabeth said...

When I have a hymn stuck in my head, the problem is that it is usually just the second or third verse that I sing over and over. Consequently, It's really difficult to figure out what song you are singig when you don't have the title nor first line in your head.
One such situation was with "O Love that Will Not Let Me Go" (548 in the #12). I love the song, but I think it is the tune that captures me.

Owl of the Desert said...

Two of my favorites have always been "House of the Lord" and "How Did My Heart Rejoice to Hear". I also really fell in love with "How Firm a Foundation" one year here recently. I could probably contine listing several "favorites"! My list just goes on and on!

Dani said...

I have three...

1) "How Happy's Every Child of Grace"
The sad part, my favorite two verses are the two that the Old School Hymnal cut out, go look it up in a Good Old Songs book or the new PB Hymnal.

2) "Lord Revive Us"
This song orginally had ten verses. Anything that you are feeling discouraged about in a church setting this song has already thought of it and encouraged you to not for get the Lord can fix it.

3) The only song I've ever lead, "Come Thou Fount"
I especially like the final verse, because there was a time when I wandered away from God and I still feel prone to act that way, but God is faithful despite what I do, and he continuely takes me back when I fail.

lydia said...

Like everyone else, I have several favorites. I have always liked "Adoration" a lot.

"Come Thou Fount" is pretty high on the list. Like Dani, I also really like the final verse. I can see my self and my sinful tendencies to wander from God, yet He displays unfailing mercy toward me.

"Jesus, Thou Art a Sinner's Friend," "Victory in Jesus," "Show Pity Lord," and "It is Finished" are also high on the list.

Lately I've found myself humming and singing "Wonderful Jesus" a lot. This isn't one we sing real often at church, but I love the praise and the truth contained in the verses.

jsarber said...

It usually jumps from "O For a Thousand Tongues" to "I Feel Like Travelin' On" to "Sweet By and By" depending on the day. Those three are my most commonly sung hymns.

Cheri said...

Dear Sister Michelle,

This hymn was written by a sister whose membership was at Sweeten's Cove church in Tennessee. Sweeten's Cove is not very far from the church of our membership where my husband, Elder Mark Thomas pastors; Mt Oak PBC at Tracy City, TN. We have long loved the words and sentiments expressed in Sister Stewart's hymn as well.

sister cheri thomas