Friday, July 20, 2007

Quilting Pro, Sue Nickels

At the TNT Craft Guild meeting this past week, we were honored to have an extraordinary quilter in our presence. Sue Nickels started quilting 29 years ago, and she made her first quilt right after her oldest daughter was born. Since then, her quilting has received many accolades... including a Best of Show award at the American Quilters Society showcase in Paducah, KY. It seems she really enjoys working with her sister Pat Holly (also extremely talented) while quilting and while writing quilting books. Sue was so kind in answering questions, talking about techniques, and autographing one of her newest books, Stitched Raw Edge Applique.

Sue started her presentation by pointing out many of the sewing machine and handmade gadgets that have helped her through the years. She explained that the quilting world has changed tremendously since she first began and that more and more ladies are just as interested in machine quilting as hand quilting. The best part of the evening was when she displayed some of her quilts made through the years - bringing each one out and talking about the trends that were going on in the quilting world at the time each was made. I wished that so many friends and family could be there... as these quilts are true works of art!!! And, nothing I can write here will do them justice, but they were unbelievable. Here's an example of one of her less intricate designs...but still absolutely gorgeous!

This photo was taken after the meeting when the members came up to take a closer look. I hesitated to take close-up pictures, because many quilters use their original designs to create patterns, market them and sell them. Or, sometimes, as with many award-winning quilts, they choose to keep them private and don't sell any portions of the design. Even though you may get an idea of the beauty here in this picture from afar or in her web site gallery, the view is nothing like seeing them up close. The itty bitty appliques. The tiny stitching. The intricate quilting. It was unbelievable that human hands made them.

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Siren said...

I'm envious you got to spend time with such a talented lady! I'm always in awe when I get to see quilts up close done by such experienced artists.