Thursday, July 05, 2007

Family, Friends, Food, Fun, Fireworks

With my cousin Kayla studying at the nearby university, some of her family decided to head down for a visit to celebrate the holiday. Then, my parents decided to come. And, the party got a little bigger and then a little bigger. It was a nice day - just hot with a capital H-O-T! I feared moving because breaking out in a sweat was a guaranteed result. But, we tried our best to sit still, enjoy the fellowship and food, and celebrate the day with some sparklers, black snakes, and poppers. Here are a few shots from the get-together in my back yard.

Kayla, the SIU-E student. Brittany, her sister and best friend.

Their father and my cousin's husband, David. His brother, Brother Dwayne.

Kayla and Brittany's mom and my first cousin, Sheila Denise (fishing ice out of her cup) along with Brother Jeff who had been attempting to avoid the camera all day.

Sheila's mom and my dad's sister, my Aunt Norma. Her husband, my mischievous Uncle Dick.

Sister Tracy, enjoying some "Sister Velda Cake." Tressa after a long hot day of play.

Abi, trying to cool off with a big mouthful of ice cubes. She made fast friends with Lennie, Dad's Wonderdog.

I've never seen a decorated tree for Independence Day, but Cousin David and Brother Dwayne helped Tressa and Abi create one.

After a storm came through, we had quite a struggle getting the yard picked up, food packed up, and family gathered for their trip home. So, just in the nick of time, the rest of us arrived in Troy to watch the fireworks. Here, the girls are lined up to see the show.

However, soon after the start, it was clear the "big kids" enjoyed the booms and lights much more than the "little kids."


Anonymous said...

Hey hows it going well just thought I'd drop a note and say Hi so......HI well talk to you later


P.S. if you see or talk to Kayla tell her I said hi

strem said...

Taryn: Thank you so much for stopping in at my blog. I hope to see Kayla this weekend a few times. I also talked to your Aunt Sheila two nights ago. It's been nice to have Kayla down here, but I know all of you up there sure must miss her! Hope you and I can catch up soon.

Love you!