Monday, July 16, 2007

Go Jump In The Lake!

This past weekend was once again a "3rd weekend." That means it is Church Social Time! We were blessed to meet at the home of Mike and Shirley Inman who are residents of Holiday Shores. Holiday Shores is a community settled around a beautiful, large lake. So large and filled with so many coves that one has to be careful in finding their way home! 420 acres of surface water. 140 million gallons of water in total.

So, our host took some of us out right away to try to see every bit of it! I was on the first boat tour with these lovely ladies: Sister Barb, Sister Marlene, and Sister Esther.
Brother Paul G and I were not as prepared as the ladies. So, we got a little sunburn, and we had to squint our eyes a lot! Gidget, the Inman dog, loves to ride up at the very front with me.

A mischievous pair! Brother Paul R and Brother Chris came right up to the boat to try and splash us!

The second boat tour by our host and hostess with Brother Neal, Sister Michele, and Sister Lydia come in out of the sun. Meanwhile, Brother Dale and Brother Chris sputter back into the dock area after tipping the jet ski.

Sister Barb holds on tight for her ride, and I receive instructions from Brother Chris. It was so much fun to take my very first jet ski ride, but way too short of a time! I can't wait to visit and go out on the lake again!

A HUGE thank you goes out to the Inmans for a wonderful day and for their wonderful hospitality!!


Chris said...

Boy was it every fun!!! I am like a kid in a candy store when I get around water. I had a blast.

See you tonight at SH!

lydia said...

I also had such a wonderful time at the fellowship. I'm slowly recovering from the fun! I'm sorry you weren't able to spend more time on the jet ski. You should have just kicked us crazy kids off!

Dani said...

That looks like the very best of times to me. I love to get out on Smith Lake back home in Alabama. We had one last hurah on it at home before I left.

strem said...

Dani, don't you have some new water down that way to enjoy???

Sandy-san said...

I had a great time, too! =)