Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Give Me A Brake!

Today, I woke up with excitement. I went to bed early (for me) last night. I had really good dreams. I woke up without an alarm. I felt refreshed. I felt rested. I was ready to go go go. I finished my loads of laundry last night so I didn't have to do the last minute scramble to move items from the washer to the dryer in hopes they won't be too damp by the time I need to leave for work. So, all in all, I knew it was going to be a good day.

However, as soon as I got less than a mile away from my house and on my way to work, I realized that my dash was a little brighter than usual. That's because there are no fewer than 6 lights lit up there today... including the traction light, service engine soon (not uncommon/long story), service auto soon, antilock brake light and the tire light. (The sixth light is escaping my mind right now.)

I took my sweet time getting to work... but HAD to get to work before going to the shop. So, now it is lunchtime, and I'm heading to the garage. I'm putting money on the fact that I'm going to have to have some brakes replaced today. It won't explain all of the lights... but it will explain some of them. It'll be a good start and the first step. Here we go. I'm already holding on to my wallet. I feel my debit card heating up by the moment. I'm taking a couple of books with me, because I have a feeling I might have to wait this one out. I'll provide an update on the damage when I return.


lydia said...

I'm sorry to hear this. I hope it doesn't break the bank too much!

Jeremy Sarber said...

You have been ambushed!


strem said...

With over 5 hours in the waiting room and $450 out of my bank account, I left the auto shop yesterday right in time for rush hour traffic. I was thankful to have the money to cover the expense, and all of the lights on my dashboard but one disappeared. Unfortunately, the lingering problem with the catalytic converter/oxygen censor issue remains... but that has remained for quite a while now. Hopefully, that can be resolved once and for all in the very near future.

It was frustrating to be away from work for so long - as I had some important projects to complete yesterday. So, today is going to be extra long. But, I was able to cram in a lot of reading - despite the blaring FOX news that was playing all day.

Oh... and the main issue that caused all of the problems had to do with a bearing in the brake sensor area. I have no idea...