Monday, December 01, 2008

Weather and Gas Prices

When my cousins and I visited over Thanksgiving, we joked about the questions that some folks ask when greeting someone else on the street or when seeing family for the first time in a long time. They pointed out that Uncle Wayne (their father) asks two standard questions each and every time he speaks to each child on the phone. So in tribute to him, I thought I'd ask and answer these very important questions and include some not-so-interesting tidbits from the day.

1) How is the weather? It's pretty cloudy and cold here... around 30 degrees. But, the weatherman on the radio says the windchill makes it feel like it is 17 degrees. It snowed about 1 inch Saturday night/Sunday morning...and we received another dusting last night.

2) What's the price of gas in your area? It is now $1.55. Very good compared to a few months ago. However, last Wednesday, as I drove to my house to prepare for heading to Mom and Dad's home for Thanksgiving, I saw that gas was down to $1.37. I couldn't believe it!

Both of these discussion topics are very important when considering that it took me almost 2 hours to get to work today. There were accidents all over St. Louis. It keeps raining and then the temperature drops. So, I guess there is a sheet of ice under the snow, and several of the interstates were at a standstill. Well, with traffic going nowhere fast, I saw my gas gauge move lower and lower. I also saw 19 police cars, 3 firetrucks and 1 rescue squad truck during my morning commute. I was extremely thankful to have heat in my car for the first time in several months - thanks to the assistance of Brother Jeff. After church, he helped me learn all about replacing a motor blower, unhooking the battery of a car, hardwiring the blower, and other useful tidbits that I hope I never have to recall again. It is wonderful to be able to drive and feel my fingertips and toes at the same time! :)


Dani said...

Glad you have some heat up there, especially this time of year!

Liz said...

Yes...St. Louis traffic has been bad! We left last night at 4:45...and the GPS said we would be home at 8:42. Four hours, not bad...well, at 11:30 we finally made it home. We did see one minor accident, but the rest was just congestion. We thought we were never going to get home. None the was great to see everyone.

megan said...

I am so happy to see my father and our random disscussions about him have made an impact on your life! ;) I do believe, however, that the older one gets the more they depend on these two questions for social interaction, at least this opinion is based on the observations of my Dad! It would be interesting to compare them to other parents. Love you!