Monday, February 18, 2008

Crazy Couple of Weeks

Once again, I've missed posting and keeping up with my blog friends. As most of you know, I became sick on February 5 before heading home to Canton, and finally this Saturday evening, I felt better. My throat was so raw most of the time, and it seems the illness is going around. It's just affecting everyone in such different ways.

My cousin's wedding went really well, and it was a pleasure to help with it. I really appreciated the vows that were exchanged (by my cousin, David, and his wife, Jennifer) and the message that his pastor shared. He spoke about how love in a marriage is a decision a spouse must make every single day... not just an emotion. A commitment that should be lived out through actions every day of their marriage. So many people seem to forget that when the going gets rough. I'm sad to say that with all of the running around, I failed to take a picture of David and Jennifer. I hope to post one soon.

But, I was able to take some funny pictures. Because there were so many children present for the ceremony, the couple provided some special tables in the corner of the reception for our young cousins. Here is one fun part of the day where some of the big cousins played GO FISH with the little cousins. This was right after we enjoyed the dessert buffet. You read it correctly. DESSERT BUFFET. In addition to white cake and chocolate cake, there were about a dozen choices in other cakes, pies, and cheesecakes from which to choose. WOW!

While in my hometown, I packed in the errands around the wedding rehearsal and festivities. I saw my hometown chiropractor, had my rear brakes and catalytic converter replaced, had my vacuum repaired, ate lunch with my friend Susan (more on that later), and went shopping with Mom. It was a nice time, but the time went too quickly. Needless to say, I didn't receive too much rest, and it was really no wonder that my cold became worse. Before I knew it, it was time to return to Edwardsville for church on Sunday morning.

Just a day before, Dad had been asked to fill in for a band that would be playing near Edwardsville, and he accepted the job. The band would be playing at the Crystal Ballroom in a town about 20 miles north of us, so I decided to go hear the music. I had been to the Crystal Ballroom once before with Brother Chris when we went to hear a church friend, Mike Mitchell, play drums with another big band that was touring through the area. Just like the visit before, it was wonderful to watch all of the couples dancing. So many dances and so much fun. I wish that kind of dancing was still popular. I guess, with Dancing with the Stars, it may be making a comeback. Dad did a fantastic job - as always - with his solos, and (above) here he is waiting for the next song to be called. Beautiful white grand piano! I probably should have been asleep at home because later that night my sore throat returned. But, it was a nice way to spend the afternoon.

I missed many days of work last week, but I came to the office for a few hours on Wednesday to hear that our company site has been purchased. There are many questions to be answered, and we do not know what this will mean for each of our employees. I just ask for your prayers for all of our staff while the questions are being answered in the near future.

On Thursday, I felt the worst, so I was not able to celebrate Valentine's Day with my co-workers as planned. But, my pa was thinking of me and brightened my day when he sent me this beautiful bouquet. Of course, he was thoughtful to make sure plenty of purple was included, and the flowers are sitting in a huge purple polka-dotted cup on a purple polka-dotted saucer. Just beautiful, and it made the day much better after being so sick.

On Friday night, my cousin Kayla and I headed to Marine to watch the "nieces" so Jeff and Tracy could have a night out. We had fun touring their new play room, having dinner, watching part of Pete's Dragon (I had never seen it before), and enjoying some Valentine's Day treats (below). Spending time with the girls always makes me feel better, and so do lazy Saturdays at home! So, by Saturday evening, I pretty much felt like my old self again.

I hope all of the bloggers and blog readers have been staying healthy! There will be a lot that I'll be trying to catch up on here at the blog in the upcoming days. But, before I sign off today, I just wanted to send a BIG HELLO to my friend Laurie who is (get ready for the envy to begin) on vacation in Hawaii!!! I heard that her mom and she had a rough time with their flights, and I just pray everything is going better now. I can't wait to see the vacation photos of sunsets, the ocean and mountains. I wish I were there!!!


Elizabeth said...

I'm glad to hear you're recovered (and alive - I was starting to worry!)

Dani said...

So glad to hear you are better. Wish you could have made it down for the Fellowship Meeting. Maybe next year? Feb 13, 14, and 15 put it on your calander now!

Kelly Spezzano said...

Glad to hear that you are finally feeling better. You mentioned Mike Mitchell in your blog, we just saw him this weekend at the Fellowship Meeting! :)

It seems like you have been very busy! I think I am tired just from reading everything you have been doing (while you were sick and down on your back, not to mention) :)

jsarber said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. I fought a cold all last week too. It was quite miserable. But, like gray skies, they come and go and the sunshine returns.

audreysnanny said...

The sickness also made itself known on all the green clan!!!! It went from home to home hitting as many people as it could. I hope it has finally died out. Glad to hear about your trip home. Going home to all the family and friends is so much fun. AND I am very glad to hear that you are better. Please come see us soon!!!