Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Nobles County Pioneer Village

As was mentioned, Mom and I visited the Pioneer Village in Worthington, MN. The Pioneer Village was begun in 1958 when the Nobles County Historical Society purchased the one room schoolhouse that had been closed since 1944. Soon after, the society decided that other buildings should be on display to show the county's historical roots. And, two and one half acres were purchased to display buildings that were donated to or purchased by the society. Today, it features 49 structures.

If you'd like to see a map of the village or pictures of the structures' exteriors, click here. However, the items that were found inside of each building were what were most fascinating. My descriptions won't do it justice, but here's a short list and some pictures of just a portion of the items we saw:

peacock feathered hats, rows and rows of false teeth (specifically designed for men and for women), hearse carriage, steam powered engine, threshing machine, old post office boxes, a jail cell, shoe shine stations, train ticket office, antique surgical tools, printing presses, general store filled with anything and everything, horse-drawn fire engine, postal carriage, telegraph office, town hall stage, and every kind of machine shop, blacksmith, carpentry and leathercraft tool you could imagine...

Click on the images to enlarge them. The entrance, sign about Worthington (grasshopper plague?), and views of the village...

At the bank window, the general store, the hearse coach, the piano at the school...and Mom in JAIL????

Maybe she had been causing a ruckus down at the ol' saloon!


Chris said...

I grew up in Tuscola, TX, and just 6 miles away is historic Buffalo Gap, TX. Here is a link: http://www.buffalogap.com/tour/tour2.html#hill

When I read your blog, and saw the pics it reminded me of going to BG when I was a kid for school field trips.

It looks as though Worthington was even better. I love those old villages!

lydia said...

Very neat! I love old pioneer villages such as this one. My imagination just soars thinking about what life was like back then.

I think I might have to plan a trip up to Worthington sometime.

Elizabeth said...

I think the moose head in the saloon is an excellent decorative touch. :)
It's hard to believe that so much change has taken place in our society over such a relatively short span of time.