Monday, June 04, 2007

Funny Connection

Just thought I'd mention a funny connection I noticed last week. As mentioned, the Little Brown Church in the Vale is a favorite spot for weddings - so much so that the church members host an annual reunion which welcomes couples who would like to renew their vows. The first Sunday in August this year (August 5) will be the 55th reunion.

Want to guess what the main course is for the picnic lunch? MAID-RITES. After all, the church is located in Iowa!


Elizabeth said...

Umm, what? What is a MAID - RITE? Is that a Northern/Midwestern thing?

strem said...

If you look on my May 22 entry, you can read all about them! Hope you can try one sometime... maybe on a trip up north to see us. (Except we'll have to travel a little farther north to eat one!)