Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Season Confusion

I have seriously been confused about what season it is. High temps, snow the next day, pouring down rain the following, warm again, windy, tornadoes... Windows open, windows closed, basement leaking. (What else is new?)

One thing that always helps me know it is spring is when my beautiful dogwood tree blooms. It is my favorite time in my backyard. All of the bushes' buds are starting to open, and my dogwood blooms - in their unique color - always look especially nice with the deep red backdrop of my big Japanese Maple tree. (In contrast, my huge holly tree on the left needs a trimming and a lot of help. Hope to tackle that soon.)

I've always wondered why such a bright-colored, beautiful tree that welcomes spring here in the Midwest is named after a dog. (Not that dogs aren't beautiful!) So, that led to some late-night research on Wikipedia. If you've always wondered too, here are the facts under the heading Nomenclature.


Dani said...

I love dogwood trees. There were several white ones at home in my parents yard, it was always a sure sign that spring was on it's way.

lydia said...

You do have one of the most beautiful backyards with the different kinds of trees! Dogwoods are one of my favorites. We're also confused about seasons down here...high 90s-100 one day, 60s the next. Air conditioner on one day, air off and heat on the next.

Chelle said...

Miss seeing you! Hope you are well.