Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Refined Ford Fin

Long story short, John Green, of Indianapolis, is a friend of a friend. He's an author who has received the Michael L Printz Award as the winner in 2006 for Looking for Alaska and as an honoree in 2007 for An Abundance of Katherines.

Within his second book, he writes about a character who is an outstanding annagramatist. I love anagrams, but I am not as skilled as creating (or discovering) them as I wish I could be.

For anyone challenged in this area, you may rely on the Internet Anagram Server... or the appropriately named "I, Rearrangement Servant". When I plugged in Stremmed Out, the following are some of the (somewhat) amusing results the server displayed:

Emoted Strum
Demurest Mot
Muttered Oms
Modems Utter
Stormed Mute
Muted Metros
Trusted Memo
Mud Remotest
Deem Must Rot
Deer Mums Tot
Doter Met Sum
Red Me Utmost
Drums Me Tote
Mud Meets Rot
Do Retest Mum
Duo Terms Met

The title of this post is an anagram of 'A Friend of A Friend". But, in all honestly, John Green is really a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend. I think.

If you plug your name into the server, feel free to comment to leave a few of the funny results.

Ahead Gave A Try
Adage Heavy Rat
Average Day Hat
(Have A Great Day!)


His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

I love anagrams too! Thanks for the great site!

Cede Referent Shh Ivy Rumor

Dani said...

Just using Danielle Cunningham, I came up with 55556 anagrams. How crazy!

I though this one was funny, A Unlace Dinning Helm"

So glad to see you back blogging by the way.

lydia said...

I typed in my name and read through part of the list of over 4000 anagrams.

This one made me laugh: "A Cursed Oily." I do believe it adequately describes me in regards to the skin type I've been blessed with!

Chelle said...

Thanks for the link - what fun! A few of my favorites for my name are Diced Doll Hem, Chilled Odd Me and Cold Dried Helm.