Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Plumb Wore Out

Most of you know I've been working some long hours. For instance, so that I could cover all 3 shifts when the employees came in to accept their offers with the new company, I worked 24 straight hours from Sunday to Monday. Not all days are like that, but the hours have been adding up since I received this new promotion and since we've started the mad dash toward the official start of the company this past Monday.

I'm tired.... or tahrrrrd, to some of you might say. Tuckered out. Plumb wore out, to others. Sleepy. Exhausted.

I wish I could say the work days have become shorter over the past two months, but, clearly, that has not yet happened. Thankfully, I'm not feeling like I'm going to fall asleep at work or while I'm behind the wheel. Instead, it is more of a mental exhaustion. So, I'm needing a break so that I can continue with focus.I have hope that it will happen soon... but probably not for a few more weeks. I will be looking forward to a vacation in May.

I know I've spoken about this before, but I always like having something to plan toward. So I was wondering if any of you had any suggestions of where I could go on a little trip? Know of any special places that would be relaxing and a great location as a "getaway?" A sunny beach? Or a place you always go for a treat?

I realize I'll probably be going by myself. And, it doesn't matter if I have to take a long road trip. So, let me know if something pops into your mind.


Anonymous said...

Try Googling "st. louis weekend trips" and you'll find some good suggestions.


Elizabeth said...

Georgia always nice in May. You can stay with me of course. When should I expect you??

;) You're most welcome if you pop down to GA, but it's no obligation (I suppose).

Kelly Spezzano said...

Well, Elizabeth already stole my idea, but I was going to say SUNNY FLORIDA! LOL

That will be nice for you to have a vaca! I hope what ever you do it is nice and relaxing!

Owl of the Desert said...

And I was going to say Alabama! Looks like you're headed towards the South. ;-)

Elizabeth said...

Yes, it doesn't look like you have any choice in the matter at all.

Emily said...

I'm thinking a little further South...

Visit, find a cheap all-inclusive, spend a few days bumming on the beach, reading some good books, while a cabana boy brings you fruity smoothies with little umbrellas and plates full of grapes.

Reading your recent schedule, I'd say you deserve it! :)

strem said...

I think all of these sound wonderful... but there was something about the plate full of grapes that really made me smile! :)

Anyway, thanks for the (not-biased-at-all) suggestions. I may just surprise some of you and pop up sometime!

Anonymous said...

Or was it the Cabana Boy

David Stremmel
Michelle's Cousin

Kelly Spezzano said...

If it's a plate full of grapes that you want, I live less than 1 minute from the grocery store and I have planty of plates! LOL

Dani said...

I vote with Kelly! You should come to Florida, not only do you get grapes here, but fresh oranges, and strawberries, and all the other goodies that Gary gets from local growers. You can see Busch Gardens and the beach.

Definately you should think about the South this time of year, before it gets unbearably hot.