Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Beautiful Snowflakes

Last night, I attended Tressa, Abi and Rian's pre-school program, and the three girls were the most adorable little snowflakes. I was distracted by the pouring rain, so I accidentally left my camera in the car. But, I hope to have some pictures I took with Jeff and Tracy's camera very soon. Stay tuned.

The programs are always entertaining, and the evening focuses on literacy. Besides the musical story presentation, they have special reading/teaching tips for parents, story time for the children, and yummy cookies. The night ends with the opportunity for the families to pick out books from tables and tables and tables of them. All FREE! Even I was allowed to pick out a couple so that some good books could stay at Auntie Em's house for the girls.

Throughout the halls of the school were these lovely snowflakes. The teachers gave me a couple, and I brought them to work to decorate my office. I had never seen homemade snowflakes like these before. Tracy is going to learn the process from the teachers this next week, but I think I found similar directions on the internet here. I always loved cutting out traditional paper snowflakes, and I've found that coffee filters are perfect for that. Even though I won't have a lot of time this week to make either kind of snowflake, look out next year!

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That is absolutly beautiful!